Michele, Brooke and I reunited, FINALLY, for our most recent craft night. Our mission: Adorable Camera Cases. I think we completed our mission.

We had no pattern. Just a camera and pictures of other cases online. We headed to JoAnns and bought felt ($1 each) and pulled out scraps of material from my mo and her button case.

It was easy, fun and a great project to do while catching up.





Easiness of Project: 3 out of 5

Materials: felt, cotton scraps for lining, buttons and embroidery thread

Length of time o complete project: 2.5 hours


Paint Chip Mural

Another paint chip craft (again, I feel bad about the paint chips).

I simply cut blues and whites into squares and glued them into the shape of an English D.

Easiness of craft: 3 out of 5

Materials: poster board, rubber cement, scissors, frame, paint chip, pencil

Time to complete project: 2.5 hours for an 11 x 14 size poster

Paint Chip Clock

This past tuesday at craft night we made paint chip clocks. We snuck into home depot, stole some paint chips (i feel bad, but it turned out awesome!) and cut them in to 45 degree angles. Glued them in a circle on foam board and put a hole in the middle of one for a clock. The clock kit is just 7 dollars at Jo Anns.

It was fun easy and a great way to decorate a wall.

Time to complete: 1.5 hours

Materials: foam board, double sided adhesive or rubber cement, cutting mat and x-acto knive, ruler, clock kit, pencil

Easiness of project: 3 out of 5

This was super easy, and a great way to keep dust off my mom’s and my sewing machines!

I just used fabric and fleece scraps we had around the house. It was free! Kinda.

Easiness of project: 2 out of 5

Materials: cotton, fleece.

Length of time to make both: 1 hour

Sewing box

My mom bought this neat wooden box at a garage sale for 3 dollars. Its not actually a sewing box, but I revamped it and made it my own to hold all my sewing supplies!

I hope you can tell which one is the before and which one is the after!

Yarn Lanterns

I want you all to know, when I typed the title, I typed “larn yanterns” which is SO MUCH COOLER!

For craft night we blew up balloons, coated them with vaseline and took yarn we dipped in wall paper glue and wrapped it around the balloon in all different directions. We made three sizes and bought a lighting kit from IKEA for the largest lantern.

I let them try in my basement for about 5 days then carefully let the air out of the balloons.

It was really messy so we did it outside on my patio, but we had a blast.

Easiness of project: 3 out of 5

Time for project: 1 hour for a small medium and large for one person

Materials: balloons (we used punching balloons for the biggest size), wall paper glue, vaseline, yarn

Table for sale

So I found this table and chair set in the garbage, and I fixed it up. It was a heinous maroon fabric with a bland white color paint.

I sanded the chairs, bought new foam and completely reupholstered the set.

There is a square table and 4 matching chairs.

Let me know if you are interested in it! It’s for sale!